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Mid-Century Modern “Sprite-Lite” table lamp by Richard Barr for Laurel, USA, 1960’s

Mid-Century Modern “Sprite-Lite” table lamp by Richard Barr for Laurel, USA, 1960’s


First time published in the 1965 Laurel Catalog and unanimously recognized as the most beautiful high-intensity lamp in America, the Model D750 known as the “sprite-lite” has impressed since its appearance with its aerodynamics sculptural shape and versatility (can be used as a table, desk, bedside or wall lamp due to a mounting hole under the base) and continues to impress even today, when it is hunted by collectors and design lovers around the world. This true work of futuristic art that excels in both form and finish, was specially designed by sculptor Richard Barr for Laurel Lamp Co. in the early 1960’s, with a die-cast sculpted base (incorporating the transformer which by its weight gives the lamp a very good stability) and two-toned shade, which houses a high intensity light bulb. Originally the “sprite-lite” was offered in black, white, green, sand, tangerine, mustard, and blue with Swedish brass accents. Also offered in polished chrome with black accents, or all Swedish brass.The lamp is multi adjustable and can pivots easily both at the base and at the shade.

The lamp on offer is in black with polished chrome accents, with all the original components (including electrics) and is equipped with voltage converter 220V to 110V and European plug. Laurel manufacture sticker still present on shade interior. Fully functional with some minor wear, the lamp is in very good vintage conditions. Bulb is included, but 12V high-intensity replacement bulb are broadly available anyway.

Measurements (HxWxD): 35×9.5×19 cm; Lenght cord: 175 cm ; Weight: 1.8 kg

Even if the lamp work it is a vintage item, so we recommend that it be checked by a specialist before use.

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Additional information



Design Period


Country of Origin

Identifying Marks

Labeled by Maker

Restoration, Damages

Wear consistent with age and use





Plug/Outlet Type

Canada & USA plug (up to 127V), European plug (up to 240V)


Cord length: 175 cm, Original lightbulb sockets, Original plug, Original switch


1.800 g


35×9.5×19 cm (HxWxD)

Duties Notice

If your delivery address is not in the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, or Switzerland, please be advised that import duty is not included in the prices you see online

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About Mid-Century

Where should I use table lamp?

Table lamp can be used in any space, though they are most often found in bedrooms, living rooms and home offices next to sofas, chairs or beds. Although they can act as a primary light fixture, they are most often used as supplemental lighting for more detail-oriented tasks. They also work well in hallways, stairwells and near doorways since they ensure no one trips and falls while walking. In the end, lamp placement is a personal preference: They can and should be placed wherever you need extra light.

How many bedside table lamp do I need?

Typically, most rooms need two table lamp, but a larger, open concept space may need many more. To test out your lamp requirements, turn off your overhead light and turn on all your current lights. Walk around the room and see which corners lack light, and determine whether or not those spaces need coverage. It’s great to have different levels of light, so even if your main fixture covers good ground, you might want an additional just-in-case options too.

How do I determine the right size table lamp?

Pay attention to the height and shade width of potential table lamps: You want it to be both functional and proportional to the room’s decor. When sitting on a table, be sure that the lamp is tall enough to cast light over your shoulder for reading. If it’s more of a decorative piece, you want the height to complement its surrounding furnishings. As for the shade, remember that a narrow brim will cast direct light while a wider one will allow the light to shine on a larger area. Determine where you want the light to reach to decide what’s right for you. In addition, be sure the shade contains the lamp’s bulb and socket since these should not be visible.

What style lamp should I buy?

Since table lamp are merely accessories, they should complement your already-there furniture pieces and overall style. Tiffany table lamp and pieces with gold or glass bases are often more traditional, while sleek metal or uniquely shaped fixtures are often more trendy and contemporary. If you’re looking for a cheap fix, try swapping out the lamp shade for a bright, patterned alternative. For those that love a mismatched look, use two different options, but be careful: Although it’s great to have variety, they also might clash.