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FF. Mid-Century Design

Design objects signed by famous artists

Mid-Century design treasures,
from all over Europe.

FF. Mid-Century Design is the place where you will always find art and design pieces made during the 20th century by some of the most important designers and manufacturers of the era.

At the same time, FF. Mid-Century Design is the place where we make sure that all these pieces – selected by us from tens of locations in Europe – are offered to you at correct prices.


The premise.

Our Project started from our passion for beauty. For utility. For functionality. All these together find a common ground in the 20th century product design.

The 50s, the middle of the century, were marked by optimism, by the rebirth from the night that was WWII, by the desire for a better, snug life. All this was reflected in everyone’s (reconstructed) houses.

It is then no wonder that today, in the rush of the 21st century, we openly, admiringly and nostalgically look back to the atmosphere of those days.

Starting from this landmark, of the middle of the century, we went up and down three decades on each side of the respective landmark: thus, FF. Mid-Century Design proposes to your attention pieces produced between the 20s and the 80s.

The majority of the pieces are from prestigious countries in the area of object design, such as Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Italy, France or the UK. However, we did not stop to them: the FF. Mid-Century Design offer practically covers the whole of Europe.

Always out hunting treasures, constantly on the road and in permanent contact with design lovers, collectors and merchants throughout the continent, we try to ensure that our offer is not only varied and of the highest quality, but most importantly, special: we always look for those objects that have the power to transform interiors and to bring a bit of magic in every house.


From small decór objects to furniture pieces, FF. Mid-Century Design tries to cover the entire spectrum of 20th century industrial design, with a focus on:



Created both by designers, as well as by architects, made out of high-quality natural materials, most times manufactured, these furniture pieces produced in Europe (especially in countries such as Denmark, Finland or Sweden) during the mid-20th century are, today, famous all over the world.



An important chapter in 20th century design is represented by glass (Nordic countries, Italy, Czechoslovakia) and by pottery (Germany, France). Our offer brings to your attention a selection of pieces signed by the most important designers of the time and made in the most prestigious workshops and factories of the time (some of them, such as Iittala, Venini/Murano, Villeroy & Boch etc., continuing to be world leaders in the field).



Light has always attracted us. It suggests life, optimism, joy. When light meets design – and especially minimalistic design, colored and with soft shapes, specific to the 20th century, the effect can only be one of high visual impact. Our selection covers the whole range of products, from chandeliers to desk lamps.

The 6 key words.



The middle of the 20th century is the period when design imposes itself as art. It is the moment when famous names come up and make a name for themselves and earning their status of international ‘stars’. A large part of these names are also represented in our selection.



The middle of the last century is a time when design, art and beauty, in general, reach everyone’s homes, not only the homes of the upper classes. This is the reason why, when completing all objects and products, great attention is given to their practical functionality/ utility.



Less is more, the famous phrase by which architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe defined minimalism, is a sine qua non landmark of Mid-Century aesthetics.  The objects are created now without any useless additions and stylistic appliqués, generally following shapes inspired by nature.



As it was mentioned before, starting with the 50s, the whole world is relieved after the end of WWII. People are optimistic and eager to reconstruct. Daily life is reason for celebration and this is reflected in the colors of the time: alive, full of joy, able to bring light to any interior.



For the most part, the pieces we commercialize are made in renowned factories or workshops and are signed by some of the most important designers. FF. Mid-Century Design guarantees the exactness of the information associated to each product and it issues in this respect Certificates of Authenticity (when we know all the essential details) or Certificates of Origin (when we only know the country of origin and the period).



The main philosophy of the design proper to the middle of the 20th century is that beauty and functionality must be accessible and thus be able to enter everyone’s houses. Following this principle, we also try to keep a low level of prices, adapted to the Romanian market.

Less is more.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

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