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Chiru Chakravarty, Dream, oil on canvas, 40×30 cm

Chiru Chakravarty, Dream, oil on canvas, 40×30 cm


Chiru Chakravarty is among contemporary India’s most prominent and thoughtful artists. Born in Faridpur, now in Bangladesh, Chiru Chakravarty studied briefly at the Indian School of Art, Kolkata. A disatisfied draftsman with the West Bengal Government, he became a cinematographer in Mumbai and started showing his work. After an exhibition in 1968, he started painting full-time. In 1993, he was invited to participate in Gallery Gaghardi, London, and later in Australia’s Gallery Art Sans Frontiere. He has exhibited with Marc Chagall, Picasso, Dali, etc.

Resourcefully, Chakravarty has produced paintings, ceramics, relief in various metals, stone carvings, mosaic, photographs, sculpture and enameled copper and steel: both abstract with lines and raw color, away from perceived exteriors, and expressionist with distorted forms, cataloguing emotion into order.

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40 x 30 cm


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