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Ice cream cups


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  • Set of two opaline cups made in Belgium, in the 1970s

    Set of two opaline cups made in Belgium, in the 1970s

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    Set of two beautiful ice cream (or sherbet) cups made of glass and opaline and produced in Belgium, in the 1970s. Colored in bright vivid orange, this cups features the Atomic Age aesthetics. The cups are in very good vintage shape. Atomic Age in design refers to the period roughly corresponding to 1940–1960 and extending in the 1970s, when concerns about nuclear war dominated Western society during the Cold War. The discovery and development of the Electron microscope had also a huge impact. Architecture, industrial design, commercial design (including advertising), interior design, and fine arts were all influenced by the themes of atomic science, as well as the Space Age, which coincided with that period. Atomic Age design became popular and instantly recognizable, with a use of atomic motifs and space age symbols. Retrofuturism is a current resurgence of interest in Atomic Age design. Free-form organic shapes also appear as a recurring theme in Atomic Age design, reflecting x-ray technology that was becoming more widespread and familiar in pop culture. These botanic designs influenced later Atomic Age patterns that included repeating organic shapes similar to cells and organisms viewed through a microscope. Vital forms, or abstract organic forms, were identified as a core motif.