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A collectible (collectable or collector’s item) is any object regarded as being of value or interest to a collector (not necessarily monetarily valuable or antique). There are numerous types of collectibles and terms to denote those types. An antique is an old one. A curio is a small, usually fascinating or unusual item sought after by collectors. A manufactured collectible is an item made specifically for people to collect. They are items of limited supply that are sought for a variety of reasons including a possible increase in value. In a financial sense, collectibles can be viewed as a hedge against inflation. The most popular collectibles list includes: advertising collectibles, art, books, magazines, cards, stamps, coins, film, music and television related objects, memorabilia. Virtually anything in the world can enter this beautiful world. The urge to collect unusual and fascinating objects is primeval and not limited to humans. The Renaissance Cabinet of Curiosities was an antecedent both of modern museums and modern collecting. (

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