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Privacy Policy

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1. Preamble & Definitions.

This document explains Privacy Policy of, personal data operator, registered with National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing (A.N.S.P.D.C.P.) under the number 927876419782/29.11.2016

This document is an extract from our T&C. Please read it before continuing visiting / using the site.

FF. MID-CENTURY DESIGN : Commercial company Design Yourself Concept S.R.L., with its head office at no. 1A, Prof. Ștefan Chicoș Rd., 110354 Pitești, Argeș, Romania, CUI (Sole Registration Certificate) 5618461, known as follows as „FF. MID-CENTURY DESIGN”, „MID-CENTURY.NET”, the „COMPANY” or the „WEBSITE”.

WEBSITE : The domain and its sub-domains, including, but not limited to the available internal website.

CONTENT is defined as it follows:
all information on the WEBSITE that can be visited, visualized or otherwise accessed by the use of equipment;
the content of any email sent to its USERS by FF. MID-CENTURY DESIGN by electronic and/ or other means of communication available;
any information communicated to the USER by any means by a FF. MID-CENTURY DESIGN employee, according to the contact information specified or not by the former of the two;
information regarding the products, services and/ or the prices FF. MID-CENTURY DESIGN has available during a certain period of time;
information regarding the products, the services and/ or the prices of a third party FF. MID-CENTURY DESIGN has partnership contracts with, during a certain period of time;
data regarding FF. MID-CENTURY DESIGN or other privileged data of the company.

SERVICE : electronic commerce services exclusively conducted on the portions publicly available of the WEBSITE, in the sense of granting the USER the possibility to order/ contract products and/ or services exclusively using electronic means, after having accepted the Terms and Conditions (the present document).

USER : Natural person that has or obtains access to CONTENT through any electronic means of communication or based on an agreement of use between FF. MID-CENTURY DESIGN and the USER and that requires the creation and use of an ACOUNT.

ACCOUNT : the ensemble of an email address/ a user and a password that allow a single user the access to restricted areas of the WEBSITE, by which access is granted to the SERVICE.

DOCUMENT : the present Terms and Conditions.

DISTANCE AGREEMENT : according to the definition given by the Government Ordinance 130/ 2000 article 2 letter a : the product or services supply agreement entered into by a merchant and a consumer, within a sale system organized by the merchant, that exclusively utilizes, before and at the conclusion of this agreement, one or more distance communication techniques;

NEWSLETTER : periodic information means, exclusively electronic, on the products, services and/ or promotions developed by FF. MID-CENTURY DESIGN during a certain period of time, with no commitment on FF. MID-CENTURY DESIGN’s side regarding the information it contains.

TRANSACTION : the takings and refunds of an amount obtained from the sale of a product/ service by FF. MID-CENTURY DESIGN to the USER, by using the services of the card company accepted by FF. MID-CENTURY DESIGN, regardless of the delivery method.

2. Confidentiality policy.

2.1. FF. MID-CENTURY DESIGN collects personal and special data on the pages of its websites for the following purposes:
– validating, shipping and invoicing the USER’s orders;
– resolving annulments or issues of any nature regarding an order or an agreement, for the services or products purchased by the USER;
– to ensure the USER’s access to the service;
– sending periodic newsletters and/ or alerts, exclusively in electronic format;
– contacting them, at their express request;
– contacting them, for USER-related aspects;
– statistic purposes.
FF. MID-CENTURY DESIGN operates personal data, and it is inscribed in the Register for personal data processing under no. 927876419782/29.11.2016
2.2. FF. MID-CENTURY DESIGN can involuntarily collect other data as well (IP address, visit hour, place of access, name and version of your Internet browser, operating system, including other parameters) supplied by the Internet browser through which access is made to the WEBSITE, and this data can be used by FF. MID-CENTURY DESIGN to improve its services offered to the USERS, or for statistic purposes; except for the case when provisions of the DOCUMENT are infringed, should the result of the USER’s actions be against the interests or produces any kind of damages to FF. MID-CENTURY DESIGN and/or any possible third parties FF. MID-CENTURY DESIGN has partnership agreements at the time.
2.3. The USER has the right to oppose the collection of their personal data and request them being deleted, thus revoking the approval given to this DOCUMENT, and thus renouncing any implicit right specified by it and without any further obligation of any one of the parties toward the other or without any one of the parties having the right to request damages and interests from the other, but only in accordance with the provisions of article 2.8.
2.4. In order to exercise the rights according to the provisions of article 2.3, the USER will contact FF. MID-CENTURY DESIGN, as per the contact data available on the WEBSITE, available on that date.
2.5. Using the contact forms available on the WEBSITE, the USER may request the modification of the data they declared initially to reflect any modification, in case this should exist.
2.6. Should the USER opt for online payment for the value of their order, agreement and/ or agreements, the processing of their banking card data will be done exclusively on servers approved by FF. MID-CENTURY DESIGN.
2.7. FF. MID-CENTURY DESIGN does not request and does not store any kind of information regarding the banking card or cards belonging to the USERS.
2.8. FF. MID-CENTURY DESIGN confidentiality policy refers only to data voluntarily supplied by the USER exclusively on the WEBSITE. FF. MID-CENTURY DESIGN is not responsible for the confidentiality policy of any other third party that can be reached through links, regardless of their nature, outside of the WEBSITE.
2.9. FF. MID-CENTURY DESIGN takes upon itself that the USER’s collected data be used only in accordance with the declared purposes and not make public, sell, rent, license, transfer, etc., the database containing information regarding personal or special data of the USER to any third party that is not involved in the fulfilment of the declared purposes.
2.10. The exception is the situation in which the transfer/ access/ viewing etc., is requested by authorised bodides in the cases provisioned by the regulations in force on the date of the event.
2.11. The banking card company approved by FF. MID-CENTURY DESIGN has the right to access/ view any type of data/ document generated as a result of an online order already emitted, of a cancelled order, agreement, annual agreement or an honoured agreement, in order to investigate any TRANSACTION, should that exist.
2.12. FF. MID-CENTURY DESIGN is not responsible for the defects that can jeopardize the security of the server on which the database containing this data is hosted.

3. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

3.1. The data controller: Commercial company Design Yourself Concept S.R.L., with its head office at no. 1A, Prof. Ștefan Chicoș Rd., 110354 Pitești, Argeș, Romania, CUI (Sole Registration Certificate) 5618461.
3.2. If you need any information regarding your personal data and how we manipulate them, you can contact us at or +40749403296.
3.3. We only have the personal information you have provided to us (see also Chapter 2 of this page) or have been provided to us by one of our partners (like Pamono, Selency, Vinterior, VNTG, Design Market etc.). We need this information to ensure the delivery of the products you have purchased from us. We share this information (name and delivery address) only with our delivery partners on a strict “need to know” policy. This is absolutely necessary if you want us to deliver the items you order.
3.4. Please note that we don’t use your data for any automated decisions.
3.5. To know all about our cookie policy please read our Cookies Policy page.
3.6. To know all about our terms concerning the use of this site, please read our Terms and Conditions page.

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