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    Extendable dining table made in France and 6 Danish teak dining chairs
    Set of 6 Danish teak dining chairs made in the 1960s

    Extendable dining table made in France and 6 Danish teak dining chairs

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    Extendable dining table made in France in the 1960. The frame of the table is made of teak. The veneer top table is stained in a honey shade of brown. The extension is stored under the table top (see pictures). The item is in good vintage condition, showing just little signs of use (mostly on the extension).

    Set of 6 Danish teak chairs made in the 1960. The organic, delicate forms are specific for the Mid-Century Scandinavian design. The minimalistic overal look talks about inovation and modernity. The chairs are made in plain wood, with a sinthetic leather seating, specific for that period. The chairs were recently restained and are in very good vintage condition showing just a nice patina.

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    Clan floor lamp by Harvey Guzzini for Meblo
    Clan floor lamp by Harvey Guzzini for Meblo

    Set of two large Clan floor lamps by Harvey Guzzini for Meblo

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    Set of two large Clan floor lamps by Harvey Guzzini for Meblo. The great modern form emits a beautiful, warm green glow. Soft light is diffused through the graduated tint of the acrylic globe shade. The white acrylic dome top rests in an chromed metal ring frame and lifts to reveal a translucent white interior and a single medium base socket. The lamp rests in a cylindrical fiberglass base which allows directional positioning of the light source.

    If you are interested in buying just one of the two lamps, the price is 700 euros. Please contact us on [email protected] for details.

    Harvey Guzzini is often mistakenly thought to be the name of a lighting designer active in the 1960s and 1970s. But in fact the label belongs to a lighting manufacturing company, which was founded by six Guzzini brothers – Raimondo, Giovanni, Virgilio, Giuseppe, Adolfo and Giannunzio – who were inspired by the 1950 film Harvey starring James Stewart. Compounding the historical record even further, it seems that the Guzzini company rebranded many times in the 20th century, going by, at various points, Harvey Creazioni, Harvey Guzzini, Guzzini, iGuzzini, and Illuminazione Guzzini.

    Harvey Creazioni was originally founded in 1959 in Recanti (on the east central coast of Italy) by Raimondo, focusing on the production of copper-plated decorative objects. Four years later, in June 1963, the six brothers joined together and established Harvey Creazioni di Guzzini, expanding production to include pendant lighting, sconces, and lamps, floor lamps. The brothers employed architect-designer Luigi Massoni—who was introduced to the Guzzini brothers by leading plastic importer Maurizio Adreani—as head of design, branding, public relations, and advertizing.

    Famous Harvey Guzzini designs include Massoni and Luciano Buttura’s Mushroom Table Lamp (1965), as well as the in-house designed Arc Floor Lamp (1968), Faro Table Lamp (1970), and Toledo Table Lamp (1973). Studio 6G, an interning design team, developed the collectible Clan Lamp (1968); and designers Ermanno Lampa and Sergio Brazzoli were responsible for the Nastro Series (1970), Orione Pendant (1970), Sirio Table Lamp (1970), Alba Floor Lamp (1973), Albanella Table Lamp (1973), and Alf Series (1976).

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    Norwegian Modern coffee table
    Norwegian Modern coffee table

    A beautiful Norwegian table, a Murano fruit bowl and a tulip-spahed crystal candlestick

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    Coffee table made in Norway, late 60s. The counter-top is made of teak; the legs are made of stainless steel with hard plastic clogs. The counter-top edges are cut inwards giving this piece a light non-intrusive look. The legs are not plain, but made of three thin rods. The minimalist shape, the dialogue between wood and stainless steel, the curved edges, the line of the counter-top, all of this make this table a leading exponent of Scandinavian Modern style. The piece is in very good condition.

    Imposing emerald fruit bowl made in Murano in the 1970s. This tall, massive, beautifully colored piece is in very good vintage condition, showing no visible defects. During World War II the industry did not thrive, but as soon as the war was over the glass masters of Murano returned to their art and created pieces deeply rooted in interior design trends of that time with focus on minimalism, functionality, and simplicity. To support these trends Murano artists and artisans returned to techniques of the past such as filigree, murrino, and lattimo. From that point onwards Murano saw continued exploration of styles and techniques striving to find a happy medium between the technical mastery and the outline, color, and decoration. The resulting continuous innovation led to a rise in popularity and to multiple prizes at various international art exhibitions. Thanks to such prominent artists as Archimede Seguso, Ludovico and Laura De Santillana, Tobia Scarpa, Ercole Barovier, Fulvio Bianconi, Toni Zuccheri, Romano Chrivi, Giampaolo Martinuzzi, and Alfredo Barbini, Murano again became known as the glassblowing capital of the world. Murano now created the art trends as opposed to following them in the years past.

    Tulip-spahed crystal candlestick made in Sweden in the 1950s (or early 1960s).

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    Two Gemla chairs, a beautiful coffee table and a Danish handkerchief vase

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    Pair of Swedish Gemla Mobler chairs. The structure and the armrests – made of curved wood – give a natural, organic and pleasant shape. This is completed in a beautiful way by the wool upholstery, in a shade of green that is specific for the Mid-Century furniture. This chairs can fit any nice interior, having the ability to create a warm atmosphere in the room. The chairs are in very good shape with only few age-related traces. At Helge River in Diö, in the heart of the old forests of Småland, lies Sweden’s oldest furniture factory (founded in 1861). Its inner sanctum, beech and ash are tamed into time- less furniture by skilled craftsmen who know which way the wood likes to bend. Stretching and flexing, easing and teasing, until the steaming hot wood finds its form. And the wood will not be rushed. The transformation from log into chair takes days, sometimes even weeks. The technique has been used by boat and fence builders since ancient times but was refined in the mid 1800’s by Thonet into the iconic chair, worn my millions of seats in the cafés of Europe. The shape is determined by the best and the brightest of their time. Back then their names were Peter Celsing, Yngve Ekström, Sigurd Lewerentz and Carl Malmsten. Now they are Jonas Bohlin, Front, Lisa Hilland and Mats Theselius.

    Small round coffee table manufactured in Germany in the 1970s. The table has a minimalist, elegant and sober design, representative for the German Modernism. The piece is in very good vintage condition.

    Blue handkerchief vase made in Denmark in the 1980s.


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