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Incorporating mirrors into your decor can make a big difference in the overall atmosphere of your home. When used correctly, they can add light to a room, create the illusion of space or simply add an extra decorative element. As you look for your next mirror to purchase, keep in mind how key factors such as size, shape, material, color and placement will change or enhance the look of your current space. When you’re picking out your new mirror, whether decorative or not, first and foremost consider its overall function. Do you need a full-length one to nitpick daily outfits, or do you merely need a small wall mirror for added decoration? The placement can affect the size requirements as well. Big mirrors work well in entryways, since they help reflect light and give you one last look before heading out the door. Living room mirrors are usually more decorative, and therefore are often smaller with more ornate details. Bedrooms and closets often include tall floor mirrors, while bathrooms opt for vanity units or medicine cabinets. (

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